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People have requested that they would like to donate to *The Backyard Farmer & Feed ,LLC* and nothing was in place was on the website to accomplish this since it was suspended for ordering.

Customers have emailed and said they would like to help with paying off some of the farm overhead as a thank you for all the years of service that was offered to our customers.

This is here is you would like to help and it will be a blessing to us during this time if you do choose to donate.

Thank you for all your generosity



Delivery Suspension Notice Sent To Everyone –

Hello everyone,

This was very difficult to write and I am sad to have to send this update. I have offered this service for almost 7 years and have loved each week! During the last nine months, there has been a substantial decrease in our weekly customer orders due to life’s challenges with many of our customers. I have adjusted our business over this period to compensate for this decrease but our orders have continued to decrease even further as the months continued. The farm has been negative on funds almost each delivery week during many of these months and I have been borrowing substantial amounts of funds to keep the farm from going under along with keeping all our help paid in hopes that I could find a way to turn things around but it did not happen as hoped. After several meetings with our accountant my Wife and I had to make this hard decision to suspend the deliveries from the farm. I have exhausted all our resources of funding and we cannot continue to barrow from them further.

I am not sure how long the suspension of service will be or if it will be permanent. We are looking at possibly restructuring our delivery service to see if we can make it viable again at our current sales volume. We are also going to consider maybe a possible small farmers market again or maybe even a fruit/produce stand on one of our locations. I cannot make any promises at this point but we are wanting to find a way to make something work if possible. Being a small farm we tried to do so much and the overhead just got impossible to manage financially. We also have seen two of our sister farms close over the last 4 months due to the saturation of local farm services and markets.

I want to thank all our wonderful customers for their support over the years. I have got to know so many of you personally and this is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You all have been so wonderful to our family. We could not have had such a great 6 years without all of you. Sometimes life stops us from doing what we love.


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